My lunchdate cancelled an hour ago. It’s nearly noon and I don’t feel much like getting up, going downstairs and foraging for food. Instead, I review the tiny fridge and cabinet drawer where I stash snacks. From first glance, I figure nachos are happening,   but then I demolish the remains of the HIPPEAS (I’m a sucker for a good garbanzo) and grab a handful of pistachios. 

This is how I eat now, the nibble and graze. Usually I’ll make an actual meal in the evening, take my time and make it to my own taste. After thirty years of cooking for other people, most of which was before I actually learned to how to cook, it is a relief and pleasure to cook for myself – what I like when I am hungry – and to skip a big lunch when pistachios, Hippeas and Girl Scout Cookies will do.  

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