Sawed This

I have stared at an endless stream of screens for thirteen months.

I realized early on that nothing soothed me after a 2-am  session of doom-scrolling, quite like The Great British Baking Show, and I will likely burn in some Fundy Hell for subjecting BrainyBoy (I promise he’ll get a better name soon) to the full 327 episodes of CW’s SUPERNATURAL – because, um, pandemic. That said, I think it’s time for us to start trading any good stuff we sawed. 

I’ll go first with some foreign faves so I can get credit for the reading.

RITA – Danish ( so Danish) – Netflix
TANDAV – S. Indian (Tamil/Telugu) – Amazon Prime
SHTISEL – Israeli (Yiddish) – Netflix

I spent a month alone with RITA (an unconventional but effective teacher) and started mumbling at my dogs in a gibberish dotted with an occasional Danish phrase. Even six months later, my “yes” is still shaded by Rita’s “yeps” and I crave soft, flannel shirts as I did twenty years ago. 

TANDAV was irresistible from the first peek. I tried to stay away. But the pull of the New Deli-based drama (think steamy political soap opera) was too strong. Be warned, reaching the end of Season 1 before the release of Season 2 in 2022 may adversely affect  your mental health. 

I might wait to have my say on SHTISEL until I’ve devoured it completely, not because I worry about where it’s taking me, but because I am too close to it. It is painful, poetic, hilarious and beautifully shot  – – – see, that’s how it’ll just wander off in glowing mushiness. 

Ok >>>>> your turn.

2 thoughts on “Sawed This

  1. I have historically been a fan of some pretty dark stuff but like so many of us, my tolerance for that pretty much evaporated over the last year. I have been surprised by what I have watched that felt comforting. Strangely British police procedurals have played a much bigger role than I would have expected. Even their more serious ones (i.e. not the cozy Midsomer Murders, etc.) have felt soothing. I worked my way through Jonathon Creek, Inspector Lewis (Inspector Morse didn’t work for me for some unknown reason), Grantchester (still working on this one), Shetland (though I did pause this one for a bit but I love it), and I periodically rewatch Sherlock. I’m now working through Brokenwood which is a NZ police show and the music is SO GOOD, like I stop the show to look up the song good.

    1. SHETLAND was one of my obsessive watches. But it’s the mention of Jonathan Creek that makes me warm and fuzzy. Perhaps it’s time for me to rewatch the adoro-detective in the windmill.

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